The Basic Q4OS live desktop

First we will start by closing the Welcome screen, if you leave the box in the bottom left checked it will appear after your next restart and you will be able to explore it's features at that time.

As we are going to install to hdd now, we will double click on the desktop icon labelled "Install Q4OS", this will begin the installation process. The first choice you will get is the language.

As you can see I am installing in UK, you will select your own location here. Next select your timezone, if you already have a network connection this should be set correctly, but you can change it if not.

Next we can choose our keyboard, there is an area to test the keys are working correctly, use this and make sure you select the correct one as it could cause some issues if not set properly.

Next we can choose our user information, Your full name, the username you wish to use, a password (set according to your own security preferences) which must be entered twice, you can set Q4OS to log-in automatically if you wish, and lastly you can set the machines name for the local network.

Now you can select the partition to install to, double click on the partition we created earlier in the lower panel.

Set the mountpoint to /, and select format to ext4.

Now you can choose whether to install grub to the master boot record, this is safe to do and will allow you to choose whether to boot into Linux or Windows. If you decide not to install grub, your machine will still boot into Windows normally but you will not be able to access the Linux installation

Here you are presented with a summary of all the options you have just set, If you are happy with them click on apply and the install will begin.

The install process usually lasts approximately 10-15 minutes

At the end of the installation process you will be given the choice to reboot into your newly created Linux system. Click on "Yes" and when prompted remove the installation medium (usb or cd) and you should boot into your new Linux system.

If you would like some hints and tips on what to do with your new Linux system please visit my hints and tips pages starting HERE