First Boot options

When you have arrived at your freshly installed Q4OS desktop you will be presented with the option to install the language pack, this should make everything correct for your spoken language. If you do not have an internet connection yet you can click on no and a link will be placed onto your desktop so that you can install when it is convenient to you.

If you already have an internet connection, you can go ahead and install the language pack, this takes very little time and before you know it another choice is given to you, this is the desktop profile.

Here you have three choices

1.) Full desktop profile
2.) Basic desktop profile
3.) Minimal desktop profile

The Minimal desktop profile will just check everything is correctly installed from installation and will leave you to decide which packages you want to install to your system, this option would usually suit experienced users who want only specific software installed

The Basic desktop profile will install a pretty minimal set of packages that most users will frequently want/need, including firmware and common codecs for audio / video.

The Full desktop profile will install a full set of desktop applications including Chrome web browser, Libre office suite, a few games, and all the software included in the basic profile as well as other useful packages.

It has to be said that the full desktop profile would be the preferred option for most users as it will give the best "Out Of The Box" experience and make the most frequently used packages instantly available.

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