How to create a live-cd or Live-usb

First things first, you will need to download an iso image to use for installation, You can find the latest Q4OS images HERE. Be sure to choose the live-cd version if you want to follow along with my guides.

The Windows program I use to put the image onto usb is called "rufus" and can be found HERE. There are many software choices when it comes to creating a bootable usb/cd-rom and you can use whichever suits you best.

Rufus has quite an intuitive interface so you just have to select the device you want to use, (the first one available will be pre-selected), then choose the iso file to place on it by clicking the icon next to the "create bootable disk using" select box, and using the file selector to pick an image to use.

When you are happy with your choices you can press the start button and the image will be transferred (along with a few system files) to the usb stick

When the installation has finished you can the restart your machine and boot into the live system.

On some machines you will need to either change the bios settings to allow you to boot from a usb device, or press f12 during the boot process and select the usb drive to boot from.

When you have got to your live desktop please follow the instructions HERE for preparing your HDD for a Linux installation