My Xmms2 Client Now Playing

This will show you the tracks in the current playlist queue, there are some options available here, from the play buttons you can "Shuffle" the playlist, this will randomly re-order the list, maintaining the currently playing track at position 1. The track currently playing will be highlighted in blue, if this clashes with your system colours for the highlighted track you will be able to change the colour using the "Settings" tab, This is currently not available but is on my TODO list.

You can also clear all the tracks in this list by clicking the "Eject" button. Tracks cannot be sorted on the headers like in the previous tables, although if this functionality is required it could be set-up, but I will wait for feedback on that. For now items can be sorted further by dragging to new position and dropping them there.

Xmms2 Library

Playlist Manager

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Equalizer Settings

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