My Xmms2 Client Media Library

The first thing you will want to do after you install this client is import some music tracks to be played, this is quite a simple process, just right click on the media library table and select import (either files individually or a directory recursively). If you are importing a large collection of files this may take a few minutes, in my tests I imported just under 2000 files and it was done in less than a minute, although this will vary depending on your hardware. You could also select "Remove tracks from Library" to remove those embarassing tracks you forgot you had, this only removes them from the database, NOT from your hard drive.

The information shown in the table will reflect what is in the id3 tags of your music, so if it has good id3 information it should display your track information for you, any tags that are unfilled will be displayed as unknown. I have not yet incorporated the ability to change id3 tag information as this is mainly a music organiser for the underlying xmms2 player. I would recomend using an audio tag editor to set the correct titles albums etc before importing your music.

The client currently makes no use of any internet facilities be it radio/lyrics/tag retrieval etc, it's primary goal is to make using xmms2 easier when managing your playlists etc

Once you have the tracks available in the media library table you can sort by clicking on the headers to sort by that particular column. If you select some files and then right click on the table to get the context menu up again, you will have the option to either:-

  1. Add selected items to Now Playing
  2. Replace now playing with selected items
  3. Add selected items to an existing playlist
  4. Add selected items to a new playlist
Added items will appear in the appropriate table pretty much straight away and will be available to play.

As of version 0.0.1-11 I have added the ability to edit id3v2 tags from the Media Library Tab, simply double click on a track to have a dialog box display allowing editing the current information.
The genres drop-down is populated with the 125 genres from the id3 specification, currently there is no option for custom genres, if this is something you would like please post a comment or send me an email to let me know.

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