My Xmms2 Client Written in Python with Qt5

To Install

Following are the basic install instructions.


You can download an esh installer file HERE for a complete install/uninstall package. Just download the file and double click for an automatic installation, including dependencies

Debian Based Distros

You can download a deb file directly HERE or you could download the source from my Git-Hub repository HERE

Once downloaded you can install the deb file either by using a gui app "gdebi" which will install dependencies for you, or from the command line by typing " sudo dpkg -i daixmms2client_x.x.x-x.deb " from the folder you downloaded it to. You will also need to install the dependencis by using the command " sudo apt-get -f install " after this has completed daixmms2client should be set up for you.
If you download the source follow the instructions for other distributions.

Other Distributions

The easiest way to test this out on other distributions would be to download the source from my github repository HERE place the seven .py files into a directory together and simply type " python " from inside the directory to start the client.

The files to download are :-


I have not yet had the time to comment all of the code, so if you don't yet know python I apologise in advance. I will be adding comments to the code when i have the time available.

When it starts for the first time it will create a file in ~/.config/daixmmsdata/config.conf, this is to hold your personal settings.

If the client fails to start you should recieve error messages in the terminal and that will give some indication as to why it failed.

Some reasons it might fail would be not having the required python libraries available, if this is the case you should be able to install them via your package manager. Below is a list of known dependencies that are required.

  1. python at least v2.? (not v3)
  2. python-pyqt5
  3. python-xmmsclient
  4. python-mutagen * added in 0.0.1-11+
  5. xmms2

If any further dependencies are found I will add them here as soon as I am aware.

If you are happy that the client is working as intended you can create a desktop link to the file although exactly how this is done will vary depending on your OS and desktop so I cannot give exact instructions for this.

Please use the comment form on the main page if you would like to ask a question, or visit the Q4OS forum where I can often be found asking and answering all sorts of questions.

Breaking News!

I have added a new tab containing a 15 band equalizer, please use the download links near the top of the page for the latest version. (0.0.1-11).

I have now added the ability to edit id3v2 tags from within the Media Library tab, just double click on a track and a box will pop up allowing editing of the current information. Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated as it is a new feature.

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