Change the look to more resemble the Windows interface

A lot of users want their desktop to look and feel more like the classic Windows interface, this can be acieved quite simply by installing an application called XPQ4, which, as the name suggests will give your Q4OS a more Windows look.

Simple head over to the XPQ4 website and download the appropriate installer, choose between 32 bit, 64 bit or armhf architectures and then decide if you wish to use the proprietary icons, or the licence free version without them.

When you have downloaded the file, locate it using the file manager and simply double click to install, the default location for downloads is the Documents folder which can be opened directly by double clicking on the "My Documents" link from the desktop.

After the install has finished you will have a desktop icon for "XPQ4 Desktop Styles" this is where you can change the desktop. Double click the icon and you will be presented with a small dialog box from where you can change the "theme" to a more Windows like one.

When you change the theme you will be required to log-out and back in again to register all the theme files into the desktop


After installing the themes you could also install ttf-mscorefonts-installer package from Q4OS repository, if you want to use Arial, Times and other Windows fonts. You can do this by opening konsole (start -> Programs -> konsole) and type into the terminal sudo apt-get install ttf-mscorefonts-installer press enter and then type in your user password. When this has finished you will have the Microsoft fonts to use as you wish.

Q4OS default

Xp Classic

NT / 2000

Before you start trying out these themes you might want to backup your desktop settings first, I have created a script to make this a very simple task and instructions / download can be found HERE

These screenshots show the basic desktop with each of the themes installed, remember this is only the basic desktop and there are a lot of changes with each theme that will only be noticed when you start to use it.

Each theme has it's own merits and it is totally down to your personal preference as to which one you should choose. There are also many more options from within q4os where you can adjust the visual settings.

enter sudo kcmodules --unlock into konsole to open up the TDE login manager, TDE theme manager and Splash screen manager, as well as a few other utilities for changing the look of your desktop.

I will add further information on these utilities later, Please check back soon for updated information.

Finally if you decide you want to go back to how the desktop was when you first installed Q4OS simply open a konsole terminal and type in the command

sh /usr/share/apps/q4os_system/bin/

When this process has finished simply log-out and back in again and your desktop will be as Q4OS installed it. Just be warned that any changes you have made to your desktop (quicklaunch bar, colours, background) will be lost as it is basically a complete reset of your desktop.

Q4OS alternative

Xp Luna

7 / Vista

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