A little about me and what I'm doing here.

I am a Linux enthusiast with a liking for simplicity and ease of use, which is why I have decided to post this site with some information to help new users get along with these systems.

If you have an old machine that is running Windows Xp and are wondering what to do with it now that support has ceased, or have a Windows Vista machine for which support will cease in 2017, you would do well to try one of the operating systems I will be writing about. I know a lot of Windows users will just go and buy a new machine or upgrade their existing machine to cope with the extra requirements of the new Microsoft products, which is fine if that is what you want (or can afford).

This site is aimed more at those who cannot, or don't want to upgrade the machines they currently have, but want to keep using them for all the things they have been doing, like office tasks, web browsing, and organising photo's / videos / music. Although there is much more that can be done and if you read through some of my pages I hope you will find some information relating to whatever it is you want to do.

Please be patient with this site, I am going to add all the information I can, relating to these operating systems, but I am doing it all in my spare time and imagine it will take some time for me to produce enough pages for it to be a good read.

Thank you for visiting my site, and if you would like to offer any feedback you can contact me by email at dai.q4os@gmail.com or visit the q4os forum, I am often there giving advice and opinions on pretty much anything. Or simply fill out the comment form here, you only need send an email address if you want a reply. I NEVER publish them.